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This is only a Partial Interview. You can see the full interview in our print copy don’t be shy to order with us.

1.)Why do you say that NunSlaughter is a True Death Metal? For you what is the true Dm and false Dm?

What I think is TRUE Death Metal is usually considered primitive. Death Metal should be loud, aggressive, Ugly very ugly and primitive. I think that when bands try to refine the music is detracts from its uniqueness in the realm of music. While everyone in pop music wants to be respected for musicianship and quality production Death Metal is out there saying “Hey, you do not need lots of cash to make metal you just need heart”. Well not anymore most bands just want CD contracts and money the music does not mean much anymore.

2.)What’s the difference of NunSlaughter from some DM (death metal) bands?
NunSlaughter was at the forefront of the UG DM movement in the USA and to this day we have not altered or changed our beliefs. We started out making poor sounding demos now we make poor sounding LP’s. DM is about ugliness and you can’t be ugly with a 10,000 recording budget. In addition we also have the heart to go the long haul. I mean not many bands in the world can say that they have been kept a band going as long as we have. Let alone a DM band.

3.)How many years did the NunSlaughter in the Metal World?
NunSlaughter started about 1987 with our first release and we have continued to release metal music for over 15 years!

4.)Your style of music is an old school right. Do you agree with that? Is the style you do since the band formation?
I would say our style is NunSlaughter. It is difficult to say that it is old school because this is what we have always done. We are not a retro band. We do not try to sound like a band from the past we are the fucking past. NunSlaughter has NEVER changed our style. We do not play solos. Our songs are short. Our songs are about Satan, and Hell and Zombies. We do not use Keyboards. No female voice. No triggered drums. Just Death Metal

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