Paediatrician – Deformed Premature

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Deformed Premature

Paediatrician a Brutral Gore Grind band formed in year 2006 at Budapest Hungary and released their first full length 2011 album called “Deformed Premature”. Their music style is Gore Grind but they infused a strong brutal death metal style with a pig squealing vocal style. Their musical theme are Zombies, Violence, and Horror.

First track has an intro of a small movie clip which is traditional in gore grind music genre, followed by an intensed ultra fast blast beat drumming and string pulling riffs i will rate this track as the best one in this album. some tracks like Deformed Premature” reminds me of Rompeprop and guess what they done an awesome killer cover of Rompeprop song called Vaginal Luftwaffe, this must be one of their influences. A killer Mortician cover called Lord of the Dead and Rotten Sound Cover has been added in this album as well.

The Deformed Premature album holds steady between ultra fast blasting power, brutal, groovy and slam. As the tracks continue to play you will hear in their music the intense suffering, torturing, and death which make this album a brutal gore grind masterpiece in Gore Grind Genre.

Band members are
Pokornyik Ferenc – guitar
Pőcz Balázs – drums
Lédeczi Zsolt – vocals
Varjú Dávid – bass guitar


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