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R-6862994-1428237770-3133.jpegPlanetary Devastation is the debut full length album of Toxemia from philippines which was released on 2013 . It contains 10 tracks including the killer instrumental intro called Holocaustic Ritual 2. This sounds like a background music while someone is preparing to sacrifice to the lord of darkness. Their music style is a classic old school death metal with a touch of doom and dark feeling. The mood and energy of their music in this album is keep on changing from slow to speed and that will make the listeners to keep on worshiping this whole album. Song structures, vocal style and the atmosphere in this album reminds me of an Autopsy band, this must be one of their influences. Anyway this album will make you become hooked by a set of perfectly classic old school death, dark and cruel tones. This album is available at 3rd inferno label.

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