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1.How’s everybody in Solekahn?

We are really busy with Solekahn at this time but that’s fine.

2.why Solekahn the name of the band and what is it mean to you?

The origin of the name are very personnal, but you can also find an ethymological meaning.

3.What an idea about having so many instrumental than with lyrics
in your “suffering winds?

“Suffering Winds” is an Ep. So we wanted to make something special with a really strange atmosphere.

4. what is your lyrical themes talk about and also the instrumental in your Ep?

For the lyrics i’m inspired by my emotions and dreams. strange emotions i feel sometimes

5.What’s the suffering winds supposed to depict to the listeners?

Ah.. it could be a lot of things. Winds could be life, right? but it’s the feeling of each listeners which is important. you can take it like you feel it when you listen to the music.

6. for me all Solekahn is an atmospheric death metal. why did you choose to play as an atmospheric death metal and not a brutal death metal?

Atmospheric death metal!!!? it’s the first time i hear it. i rather see us as a brutal death metal band, but that’s your opinion.(Maybe your lyrics are brutal but your music is not brutal as you think)

7.when and where is your first gig and hows the fucking crowd when you played on stage?

Our 1st gig under the name Solekahn was in Haguenau(France) in 199 but the audience was not terrible. can you described the metal scene in your place from the past and from now?

We’re coming from Strasbourg(France) and that place was never very rich with bands. it’s getting better today but
the quality is not here yet.

9.Your a 3 man band right. is it not difficult to became a 3 man band to play death metal music?

No, i think that’s easier. the less you are the easier it is. Anyway two guitars where recorded for “Suffering Winds” and during concerts the energy replaces the second one.

10.Can you list all your influences and why did you choose all Those band to be part of your inspirations?

No i’m not able to list all my influences that would be too long. everything arounds me is an influence.for the bands it could be VADER, ENSLAVED, MAYHEM, GOREFEST..but i really try to make my music as original as possible

11. Do you have any last word?

Thank you for your interest in Solekahn and we hope our music will touch some people and to see you on tour soon.

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