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1.Is Thornesbreed are still a trio?
– indeed, we have not found a bassist yet, so unfortunately we’re still playing as a trio.

2.Can you please give us a brief history of the band?
– THORNESBREED has been founded in late summer 1997 with another line-up. after 1 1/2 years of rehearsing we recorded a rehearsal tape in early spring 1999 just to send it to clubs and organizers of live gigs. the resonance was not bad… we even got the chance to play a gig with mighty ASPHYX then. In autumn 1999 we recorded our 1st official demo tape at SOUNDFORGE studio in berlin under the wings of HARMONY DIES-chief kai mertens. the reactions were better than we had expected. then some hard times came up: we fired bassist and guitarist, had to stop playing gigs for half a year. we found another new bassist and guitarist, but the bassist was fired after 5 months again. since then we have been a trio. in spring 2001 we recorded another demotape in the SOUNDFORGE studio. marco from HARMONY DIES played the bass. also the reactions to this tape were very good. due to this tape we have now signed ECLIPSE RECORDS and we will release our debut full length album entitled “Thus Bloweth…Ye Blasphemous Gale” in this year’s autumn. marco from HD will play the bass again. that’s all so far.

3. Your music deals with speed and brutality, how will you comment on that?
– to us it is the ultimate way to deal with blasphemy and hatred. how else shall we express these feelings still we are trying to improve our skills which automatically leads to more complexity and speed. nevertheless, I’d be a liar telling you that it has nothing to do with the bands we are influenced by.

4.What was your lyrical theme in creating your lyrics?
– sin, blasphemy, wrath, athropophobia.

5. What was the message in the song “Preaching the Sin”?
– as the title indicates, it is a sermon of sin: be your own god; pleasure of the flesh be the way of blasphemy, denial of the crucified’s ideology.

6. I believe that you are a big fan of DEATH especially Chuck Schuldiner, what was the feeling when you heard the news that he already died?
– it is the loss of a great and important man in the death metal scene without whom we’d not be doing what we are doing today. nevertheless, we are not willing to follow the now upcoming personal cult.

7. What can you say that Black Metal is dominating the scene?
i don’t think so. at least here in germany DM becomes more and more trendy. on the other hand side, i don’t have anything against BM. there are really good BM-bands who play really good black metal.

8. Ok, What can you say about the conflicts between black and death metal?
these conflicts are absolutely not neccessary. neither someone is a metal freak dealing with hatred, blasphemy and wrath or not. the way of expression may be black or death metal or a mixture of it. i don’t understand what this childish game shall be good for.

9. Who are your Personal influences?
bands like INCANTATION, MORBID ANGEL, KRISIUN, just to call some names.

10. When and how your fascination for metal developed?
that was in the beginning/middle of the nineties with bands like EDGE OF SANITY, TIAMAT and METALLICA, who played harder music than i had heard before. the other band members began with bands like DEATH, IRON MAIDEN.

11. I believe that you are now an internet based in terms of spreading your music, like downloading an mp3, what are the advantages and disadvantages of it?
the advantage is that it is easy to find contact worldwide, so the national metal scenes may come closer to each other. the disadvantage is that everybody has a kind of access to the scene, which is not good for the most extreme ways of metal.

12. What can you say about the death/grind situation in the world-wide scene is it going stronger or weaker?
i’m not sure, and to be honest, it doesn’t interest me if the scene becomes bigger or not. maybe it is better to have a smaller but more uncommercial and more intense scene.

13. If given a chance to travel back to time what kind of music you will cease to exist so it can’t be heard in the present time?
just turn on a radio here in germany and you will hear what has to be extinguished.

14. Ok man thank you, I hope that till end you all stay brutal!!!!
thank you very much for the interview. eternal hailz to your readers and best wishes for CULT MONGERS!

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