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uzc5_400wThanks to Roy Sierra for making a trade for his fanzine.
This is my first time to have a copy of underworld zine, so here is the review.
The editor of this fanzine is a Filipino, based in USA now.
UNDERWORLD ZINE issue#5 is consists of 50 pages B/W fanzine with pro-CDR compilation of all bands featured. USUL (Phils/KSA), FESTER (Norway), BLAST PERVERSION (USA), HOD (USA), MORGENGRAU (USA), SEVERANCE (USA), HATE BEYOND / WARZY (Japan), INCAPACITATE (USA), MONGRELS CROSS (Australia), DISFIGUREMENT (USA), NERVECELL (UAE). Plus more audio and zine reviews. Cover and Layouting of the texts in this fanzine is excellent and readable. Interview questions are ranging from promotional to personalized questions. A worth to read if you love underground.

You can get the copy through The 3rd Inferno online shop at http://the3rdinferno.storenvy.com

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