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DSC_0140_400wThis one is the latest issue of this zine. It has no numbering for pages, so i count it manually. 44 pages B/W Computer Printed, and comes with a pro-CDR compilation as well.

Featured bands here are FUNERAL RITES, CULT FINDER, SPECTRAL MANIFEST, TOXEMIA (PHILIPPINES), ISTIDRAJ, EVIL MADNESS, DEMONA, TRENCHROT, NECRODIOS, SARGATANAS, VOMITURITION, RIPPED, SARCASTIC TERROR, NEFARIOUS, DISABLED, EXULCERATION, DIVINE EVE, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY. Plus interview to the Underground Label in Philippines called Dethrone Records. This issue doesn’t have Audio Reviews just Zine review only. Overall layout including the Killer Cover Artwork is Excellent.
Get your copy now at http://the3rdinferno.storenvy.com

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