Veligore – Veligore

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Veligore music should be played as  background noise for a cult group that is preparing for a ceremony and i’m pretty damn sure that would make rituals more interesting..

What i liked about these US hordes was the infectious sounding of their blackened music.  Darkthrone (Transilvanian Hunger Era) came to mind upon opening my ears for them.  All the songs has a ritualistic tone on it and the  not so slow and fast pacing were just perfect.  Riffs were very catchy and evil/horror sounding and those were the edges that made Veligore at least stand out from the rest..  nothing much to say for vocals, bass and drums as  they did their purpose very well.

Another highlight here were the Horror samples that were configured on some songs. It was not a random samples that they copied somewhere and just to fill the void, It was meant to be there to complete the songs and to strike fear to the listeners! As a result,  the atmospheres were very ominous!

Horror and primitivity were the foundations of the self titled debut.  I’m not saying that it’s something new, but it has a distinct sound that really belongs to Veligore.  The 11 tracks were worth listening to and i’m looking forward for a new materials that Veligore will ceremoniously offer in the future..




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