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1.) What’s up guys? Any something new in the band?
Hey Adrian whats up dude,did you have a good time at the southern grindfest?Well yeh man new things for the band is that we recently added a second guitarist to the line up,a very good friend of our Kenny.We are really pleased to have Kenny join the band,he completes the full sound that we are after and makes it sound a lot more brutal specially with his 7 string he use’s. February of this year we embark on our first national tour in support of our first mcd Devour The Cervical Martyr.

2.) Can you please tell us about the biography of Vixen Execution?
– Well the band formed in the later part of 2006 as a 5 that time it was me on vocals,Ricki from Odiusembowel on the drums,Steven from Subsidence and Second Gear Grind on 2nd guitar,Geoff formerly from Subsidence on lead guitar and Dave from Content To Bleed on bass,we did 2 shows with this line up before calling it a day so to speak.Ricki moved to Melbourne Australia to consintrate on Odiusembowel and Steve left to focus on his stoner rock band Second Gear Grind.Early 2007 I asked Leon Milnes former drummer of Brutalized Mortality to join on drums and he accepted.We started writting new songs that were comming along very quickly.In April of 2007 we hit the studio and recorded 10 songs that we used for the cd Devour The Cervical Martyr that we just finally released in Janurary 2008.Also in Janurray we got Kenny in on the Vixen action do do second guitar.

3.) What are the lyrics all about in the Devour The Cervical Martyr Ep? Can you please tell more about the EP?
– Well the lyrics are your typical gore/violent themes but then there are some that are slightly personal to me like the song ‘Rehabilitated To kill’ which is about my best mate who was murdered,sorta a message to the bastard who took his life.I personally try to come up with song titles that have a slightly humorous aspect to them like ‘Is Using Corpse’s For Collateral Legal’ and ‘Do They Concider It Incest If You Fuck Your Own Clone’ which is’nt on the cd.The EP/mcd are basically the songs we wrote very quickly with the new drummer.Most of the songs on the cd are more of a Grindcore sound but as we have progressed we are now writting songs that are slightly more Brutal death metal but still keeping the origin of grind in it.

4.) How’s the writing process of Vixen Execution?
The writing process is done by all of us really,prodominatly by Geoff(guitards) and Dave(bass) they’l come to practise with heaps of riffs and together they will contruct a song on the spot.the newer tunes we are writing are getting slightly more technical yet taking influence’s from such bands as Condemned(usa),Internal Suffering,Suffocation and Brutal Truth.Literally ever fortnight we pretty much construct a new song which is good to keep on jamin on new material and keepin us focused on the job so ta speak.

5.) Who are your major influences in music?
There are a few influence’s we have ranging from classic grindcore bands to brutal death metal.Bands like Condemned,Internal Suffering,Suffocation,Devourment,Artery Eruption,Disgorge,Brutal Truth,Regurgitate,Flesh Parade. These are all bands we think kick fucking ass that we have been listening.

6.) What’s the best song do you prefer to perform on stage in all of Vixen Execution songs?
That’s a tricky one as each member has different songs they like to play.I think the ones we like to play live the most are ‘Is Using Corpse’s For Collateral Legal?’,’Severed Hand Masty Jam’,’Sexually Attracted To The Beheaded’,’Suffocating The Defiled’ and ‘The Lactating Coprophiliac’ oh and our longest song to date ‘Feastering Fragments Of Her Cauterized Penis’.All these songs get great response from the crowd when played live which is a huge boost for the band.

7.) Are you guys have planned to release a Debut full length album soon? What’s the band main goal?
Shit yeh dude thast is something we want to achieve this year is to do a full length album. We also want to try and go oversea’s and do shows possibly in Australia as well. Also we want to start looking for a record label so we can further our chance’s in the metal world and that for everyone to hear our music and say ‘man New Zealand got some brutal shit down there’ lol.

8.) How can you differentiate the New zealand metal musick to other countries musick?
I think that New Zealand is on the same wave length as some of the big name bands out there. Being here in such a small country we live in it is hard to make a name for yourself in the world of death metal for sure. Each band here has its own unique sound and style which is good for divercity. Every band will have different influence’s that’ll be heard in there music. Thing i like about NZ metal is that there is soo much good talent out there like bands like Dawn Of Azazel, Ulcerate which i personally think are the 2 biggest well known NZ bands that are doing extremely well for them selves. Hopefully one day the rest of the world will hear more about NZ’s metal scene and start to enjoy and like what we are producing in such a small country.

9.) I watch a couple of gigs here in christchurch and i saw that underground metal crowd is not so big, but other bands are awesome like sinate and other great band. What’s your comment about that?
It basically comes down to it that we are a small country therefore we are gonna have slightly smaller numbers at gigs/shows. When ever an internationally act hits our shores there is always a huge crowd that comes out to these events. there are some killer band here in NZ though like Dawn Of Azazel,Ulcerate,Backyard Burial,Akaname.I personally am not a fan of Sinate,no my prefered style of music,but respect them for what they do and how they do it.

10.) Are you guys an Atheist coz i heard most of the people who live here in Christchurch don’t believe in gods, but I’m just wondering why it’s called Christchurch (lol)?
I have no idea bro why it’s called Christchurch.most of the metal heads here have re-named it to ANTI-CHRISTchurch lol.Yeh i guess there is a huge number of us that dont believe in god(s).My thoughts to the matter is if there is such a thing give me visual proof and i might consider the options, but i dont see that happening dude ay lol.

11.) Does the whole band members have the same tastes in music?
Pretty much bro,I know Geoff,Leon,Kenny and i are huge fans of brutal death and grindcore.Dave and Kenny are also fans of Hardcore aswell,there is the odd bit of hardcore thats cool but yeh more into the brutal sik ass grinding shit ay

12.) Is there some best metal band to recommend aside from Dawn of Azazel and sinate?
I highly recommend Ulcerate,Backyard Burial,Graymalkin and Akaname and Torturor.Other kick ass bands like Load Master(i sing for them aswell) are awesome to,Relentless Attrition were fucking sik but they broke up and another of my previous band Offal Stench was awesome,we had heaps of positive feed from the international scene aswell.New Zealand metal is going from strength to strength and hopefully will get reconized internationally.

13.) Ok here’s the end of interview anything to spit out in public?
Well on behalf of myself and the rest of the Vixen Execution crew I personally want to thank you bro for choosin us to interview,means alot man that your interested in a band from small New Zealand.

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