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1.) Greetings guys how are the waking the cadaver band and is there something new?
Hey man what’s going on. Waking the Cadaver is doing well, were happy the CD is finally out. Right now news with the band is that we are writing more new material that has already surpassed our debut CD in heaviness. Be prepared.

2.) Can you please tell us how the formation of waking the cadaver band?
We formed out of long-time friendships and desire to make heavy music. Almost 2 years ago now i think.

3.) You guys have fucking ultra guttural slamming brutality music. Who are your influences in creating a brutal musick like this?
Yes, our main focus is to make the most insane guttural slamming music possible. While we do have a huge variety of bands we listen to, including bands that don’t slam at all…the main influences for our slamming sound will always be dying fetus, digested flesh, devourment, dripping…etc.

4.) Can you tell something about your new release?
The new release in my opinion is what everyone who is a “Slam death” fan could want. it’s packed with over-the-top heaviness the whole album. The theme follows throughout the album lyrics and shown as a package with killer art by Tony Koehl.

5.) In your own words how can you describe or label your musick?
Non-stop relentless slamming guttural insanity, with catchy breaks and twisted speed changes.

6.) How are the writing processes of your musick?
Right now we are in the process of writing a few new songs; we might release a 3 song Cd in the future, or maybe do a split with another band. The new writing is in the same style of our previous music, but will clearly show our progression as a band.

7.) How can you say a band is a true underground metal and not a poser?
A band that is true is a band that gets out there, plays shows, and shows their love respect for their fans. Bands that are posers are usually fucking internet geeks with big mouths and shitty music.

8.) After the release of your new debut album, what do you guys feel and also the feedback from fans and friends?
The response has been great and we couldn’t have asked for better for our first cd. Big thanks and respect to our friends and fans for always sticking by us.

9.) What are your lyrics all about in this album?
Well, as people read through the lyric booklet they will find that our lyrics are much inspired by cannibal corpse tomb of the mutilated days. Lots of post mortal degrading and torture.

10.) When and where is the bands first gig? And can you describe the crowd when you guys slamming the stage?
I can still remember our first show, it was killer, we played with one of the best local bands from our area Nag Hamadi, and coincidentally it was their last show while it was our first show.

11.) Are you guys into an anti politics shit? Do you care about your country?
Well, we are extremely proud to be Americans; however, right now we feel our country could be better, hopefully with the next president. But we do not talk about any politics in our music.

12.) Ok here’s the end of my interview anything you would like to add?
Everyone thanks for being a fan! We appreciate it. Also, you can plan on seeing waking the cadaver continually putting out fresh new music! Thanks


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